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genre: Romance Director: Jayaraaj Year: 2013 Camel Safari is a movie starring Kamal Gaur, Pankaja Menon, and Sekhar Menon. Its story of a group of friends and a girl feels crush on one of them

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  1. When one day he decides to live his life with his monthly pay, Haydar gets conned, robbed, and battered in the dark streets of Beyoglu
  2. Release year=1986
  3. directed by=Serif Gören
  4. user ratings=7,3 of 10
  5. genre=Thriller

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  1. 2018
  2. casts=Alan S. Lowenthal
  3. User ratings=7,9 of 10 star
  4. liked It=8 Vote
  5. countries=USA

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Rating: 609 Votes; Year: 1998; directed by: Nick Hurran; Resume: Dawn and Jackie, two workers in an electronics factory, have been best friends since childhood and share practically everything. So it is no surprise to anybody when Dawn shares her big bingo win with Jackie. Eventually Dawn discovers the results of her tests and knows for sure that she has terminal cancer. Dawn has always dreamed of going to Las Vegas so, on impulse, Jackie buys the tickets and off they go on one last great adventure together. In Las Vegas they meet the enigmatic Cody who is attracted to Jackie but immediately understands the situation and helps the two friends to enjoy their dream holiday in Las Vegas by taking them on a trip into the desert. The two friends return home for Dawn to make her peace with her friends and family before her ultimate demise. Dawn's death, even though expected, devastates Jackie leaving her friendless and alone, or does it?; Genres: Romance, Comedy

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User rating: 5,7 of 10

Octavio became a priest. Andres became a mobster. What starts off to be just another day for two brothers soon turns into the beginnings of a bloody massacre when Andres stumbles upon confidential documents in a client's briefcase. The brothers must learn to put aside differences if they hope to get out alive

Jorge Arango

Carlos Corral


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actor: Anna Ador
Duration: 2H, 0 minute
Release year: 2016
countries: India
Directors: Rajesh Sharma

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