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Country: Brazil. Documentary. brief: A documentary that reveals about the obstacles faced by AIDS victims during its worst period when it was a new and deadly disease. There's also interviews with famous Brazilian personalities and anonymous people about the disease's pandemic all over the world, their opinions and hopes for a future cure; and fictional stories that expose how people could get infected by (at the time) HTLV-III - later renamed HIV - the virus that causes AIDS. Duration: 75minutes. Year: 1986

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Estou com AIDS


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Tengo sida watch full season. AIDS United, AIDSWatch. I used to watch this late at night, when I worked night shift at a security job. such a cute show about half sisters. They might not have been classic black sitcoms to everyone, but they deserved more love. Cast of "Half & Half" Half & Half-Mona and Dee Dee are half-sisters who share the same father. Too bad I couldn't understand I AM WITH AIDS - it appeared to be a pretty entertaining bit of Brazilian weirdness that I couldn't quite tell if it was supposed to be "serious" or some sort of joke due to the language barrier of me not speaking Portugese.
THe film shows a bunch of dramatizations of the pitfalls of such "aberrant" behavior as homosexuality, group-sex, sex with prostitutes, working in the porn-industry, and drug-abuse - and how all of these behaviors apparently inevitably result in contracting AIDS and then committing suicide - as all of the individuals in the dramatizations did. There are also a bunch of interviews, though I couldn't decipher the content of these interviews, or whether the interviewees maintained any real knowledge on any aspect of the subject of the AIDS virus - somehow I doubt it. br> I AM WITH AIDS is getting a mediocre score from me for two main reasons - as blatantly exploitative as it seemed (which is a good thing in my book. I just couldn't follow it enough to be sure. I think had it been subbed in English it would have been quite a bit more enjoyable (though I have no real way of knowing that for sure either. Also - though there was some nudity, there was none of the hardcore sex prevalent in other Brazilian exploit films, and this was a bit of a downer too. Overall, I AM WITH AIDS gets a 6/10 from me, for being a somewhat entertaining piece of mockumentary sleaze - might have done a little better had I been able to understand it.

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